Best of Summer

Ah, summahtime. Recipes from Taste of Home cooks across the nation. I love the homemade state fair food, recipes to make with 100-pound zucchinis, boat drinks, red-white-and-blue desserts...

Home-cooked Italian

Authentic, handed-down recipes from the files of Taste of Home's real home cooks.

Ultimate Halloween

Irresistible recipes for kid and adult parties, spooky snacks, spirited sweets &emdash; all for cooks who love to share homemade fun on Halloween.

Meat Boss

Taste of Home recipes for that all-American pastime. These home cooks can slather, rub and char like nobody's business.

Food-lovers Road Trip

Sweet summer grazing, from June 2008.

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The Cottage Cookbook

Recipes for a modern, idyllic life at the cottage. This is the cookbook to have at the ready when making breakfast for a crew, serving drinks on the dock, fashioning the perfect picnic supper or delighting the card players with game night snacks. 

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The Small Town with Big Cool

I teamed up with my editor Jeff Smith to shine a light on my former hometown, Traverse City, Michigan.

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Up North Summer Fun Guide '09

Serving up dune climbs, block parties, blueberry patches and more.

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Ultimate Guide to Winter

Snow candy, curling, kicking back on a snow-cloaked beach. Illustrations by my one and only, Andrew Tyra.

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A Fairy Tale Evening at Frog Pond Village

A wedding feature from the debut issue of MyNorth Wedding magazine, Winter 2009.

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