I'm a tough cookie and an ol' softy.

I’m a creator of full-sensory content who can’t resist a moment to surprise and connect. I adore a juicy story and a real laugh. 

My buoyant spirit stays responsive to change and open to suggestions. I’m a nimble problem solver who listens, speaks up, reflects and works collaboratively to produce highly visible, profitable editorial packages. 

I’ve inspired and guided close-knit editorial teams with passionate, mission-driven servant leadership.

I Keep It Fresh

The content I touch must be accurate, succinct and irresistibly readable. I seek out new hooks for recurring departments, annual editorial franchises or fan favorites.

My Specialties

Writing & Editing

I have a keen sensitivity to creating within brand parameters—I find the pacing, blend of content and word choices that make for an authentic mix.

Content Strategy

 I develop story ideas and concepts that readers love and that bond them with the magazine or brand. This keeps them coming back for more

Food Writing

My work experience has taught me to celebrate home cooks and family recipes. I curate original food writing that appeals to real people. 

Featured Projects

These are clips of my work from various eras of my career.

Grand Marais, Eh

Quirky, quiet and exquisitely beautiful, Michigan's out-of-the-way oasis on the shore of...

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Let's talk.

If you have a project that seems like it may be a good fit, I want to know about it.