Hi, My Name Is

Emily Betz Tyra

Emily Tyra: A Resourceful & Observant

Journalist, Essayist, Editor and Cherry Stand Manager

I bring a lot to the table. I’m not just talking about the little red picnic table where I sold cherries as a kid. (Yes, I think there are shoulder pads in that 1980s sweatsuit!)
I love to brainstorm. I come to projects prepped, with ideas and solutions galore.
I advocate for all voices in the room. Whether it’s the stakeholders at a meeting, a writer I’m coaching, or a person I’m interviewing for a news story … I am listening.  

I have worked with...

Emily Tyra - Cherry Stand Manager

I love to connect with people and celebrate their stories.


One of my strengths is knowing how to distill the emotional center of a story so that it connects with its target audience. That includes fine tuning the voice without sacrificing the “fun factor” or the conversational tone.

Cameras and Microphones

While my main focus is writing and content creation, I have appeared on news broadcasts, promoted Taste of Home branded products live on QVC and recorded numerous radio interviews over the course of my career. 

Content That Clicks

There’s no need to sacrifice quality for clicks. I have developed a sense for not only which topics will resonate with the largest portion of an audience but also which topics will generate website clicks and social media likes.

The Telescope and the Microscope

I believe that the big picture is as important as the nuanced details when it comes to crafting a compelling story. That’s why I craft the shortest blurb or brief with as much care as the most complex special section. Every moving part should serve the greater whole.

Food Writing & Food Styling

I feel very fortunate to have been mentored by several great food writers and food stylists. From early in my career, I have had an opportunity to explore all aspects of this realm, from cooking to refining recipes to guiding the overall aesthetic of a photo shoot. 

I have true affection for home cooks. Each of my roles has helped me to appreciate the value, comfort and joy of home-cooked food.